Sept 15


Chautari Hall
Local vegan activists, advocates, educators, celebrities, chefs, conservationists, environmentalists, organizers, athletes, and plant-based entrepreneurs are joined by delegates from over 31 countries to launch the Himalayan Vegan Festival celebrations in Kathmandu, Nepal. The opening ceremony marks the official launch of the biggest vegan event ever in the Himalayas and the start of the first-ever Himalayan Vegan Festival. The festive celebrations this evening includes live music & dance performances, special cultural programs highlighting the Himalayan region and it’s many diverse communities, a colorful multimedia presentation to plant-based foods and their centuries-old history in the Himalaya, an all-star vegan introduction to the benefits of a plant-based lifestyle, and a fantastic vegan feast of local Himalayan delicacies. Don’t miss out on this landmark celebration to mark the official start of this history-making event!

Special Guest Speakers

  • Maneka Sanjay Gandhi (Founder People for Animals, Indian Parliamentarian)
  • Dr. Susianto Tseng (World Vegan Organisation Founder and Doctor in Nutrition)
  • Keegan Kuhn (Award-winning documentary filmmaker, director and producer of Cowspiracy and What the Health)
  • Suresh P Sharma (Nepal Chair of the World Vegan Organisation and Vegan Activist)
  • Bishnu P Neupane (Vice-President, World Vegan Organisation Nepal)
  • Ajit Thapa (General Secretary, World Vegan Organisation Nepal)

Sept 15


Chautari Hall
Special vegan feast of Himalayan delicacies from across the region all 100% veganized for this absolutely delicious plant-based celebration in the heart of Nepal!