WVO Nepal - Organizing Team


(Vegan Activist, WVO Chair Nepal, and Director of VegVoyages Himalayas Vegan Tours)

Suresh is the Nepal chair of the World Vegan Organisation and co-founder of the Nepal Vegetarian Association. As the director of Himalayan Operations at VegVoyages Vegan Adventures, he organized and led the first international vegan tour group in the country. Suresh has travelled extensively in the region, leading hundreds of holistic tours. He holds a master’s in Sanskrit and Oriental Philosophy. Suresh dreams of building a peaceful society in Nepal by promoting veganism and hopes to make Nepal the world’s best vegan destination.


(Social Worker, President Nepal Vegan Association, WVO Nepal Vice-President)

A passionate vegan for over 18 years & Devotee of Supreme Master Ching Hai, Bishnu is an active advocate for the benefits of a plant-based diet for both people, animals, and the planet. A businessman by profession, his true love is in being involved with and promoting various humanitarian projects in Nepal from compassionate living programs and associations, to vegan advocacy campaigns and human welfare organizations such as the Manav Sewa Ashram human service shelter for the homeless. Bishnu is very excited to be an integral part of the Himalayan Vegan Festival and is looking forward to celebrating a plant-based lifestyle with his fellow citizens and welcoming international delegates and speakers to this groundbreaking event in his hometown in the Himalayas.


(Founder of Dharmaprabha Foundation, Vice President of WVO Nepal)

Perik Rinpoche is the Founder of the Dharmaprabha Foundation and the Vice President of WVO Nepal. He educates people through Interactive Program on Non-Violence by the Dharmaprabha Foundation. He is a fully qualified Buddhist Teacher belonging to the Nyingma sect of Tibetan Buddhism. He completed a Master's degree on Buddhism at Ngagyur Nyingma Institute of Mysore, South India. He has been active from the initial days of animal rights campaigns happening in Nepal and has been a former executive member of SPCA Nepal. He always has been strongly advocative in Social Media about Animal rights and Veganism. He also has been producing music and short movies related to either Buddhism or Veganism.


(General Secretary - WVO Nepal, PhD. Scholar in Sociology, Conservationist, Motivational Speaker & Retired Brigadier General, Nepal Army)

A dynamic Human Resources professional with 35 years of military experience providing guidance on human resources operational topics and challenges. Ajit's love of wildlife and animals grew immensely during his duty in Nepal's national parks, and he is now an avid promoter of veganism for both animals, the environment, and health. Ajit has years of experience and extensive skills in HR administration, UN Peacekeeping missions and teaching both in military as well as civil colleges. He is a Professional National Park Conservationist winning the Nancy Abraham Conservation International Award (Individual) and IUCN commendation for the Security Duty in National Parks in 2006.


(Founding member of WVON and the vice-chairman of Nepal Vegan Association)

Vikram Singh Gurung is a vegan and a spiritual person with lots of love for animals. Gurung hails from the himalayan district of Mustang, who also is a founding member of WVON and the vice-chairman of Nepal Vegan Association. To promote Veganism, he mainly puts his efforts to bring awareness about the importance of vegan lifestyle and global waming to the people. A businessman by profession, fond of social service, currently he has been highly helpful for the arrangement of Himalayan Vegan Festival 2022.

Surajan Shrestha (Nepal)

(Co-founder of Animal Rights Club (ARC) and a founding member of World Vegan Organisation Nepal (WVON)

Witnessing the cruel practice of animal sacrifice in various festivals for a long time, he shifted himself towards living a compassionate life when he was 10 years old. He always wanted to help the animals. That’s why he co-founded ARC to advocate for animal welfare/rights issues in his community. Since founding ARC in 2012, Shrestha has directed the organization’s growth into a leading force in the prevention of cruelty to animals and promotion of compassionate food choices. A recognized speaker on animal advocacy, wildlife, and environment conservation, Shrestha has presented at schools and many other forums. Through his work with ARC, Shrestha has been an outspoken advocate for animal rights.


(Animal Rights Advocate, Vegan Activist and President Nepal Vegetarian Association)

An excellent graphic designer by trade, passionate vegan activist by heart, Krishna is the President of the Nepal Vegetarian Association and an advocate for promoting a compassionate life and society through a vegan lifestyle. In addition to being involved in vegan awareness campaigns and animal welfare initiatives, Krishna is an important part of the Vegan Sister City program launched by the WVO Nepal, is a key coordinating team member for the Himalayan Vegan Festival, and is partners in one of the first vegan restaurants in the Kathmandu Valley – Loving Heart located in Thamel. He is also the proud father of two vegan children who share their father’s dedication to promoting a vegan lifestyle in Nepal.


(Permaculture and Plant Based Diet Promoter, Independent Filmmaker)

Yubraj Maski is former Teacher and an Independent Filmmaker. He has served in various Social Service Organisations like Jaycees International, Nepal Scout, Amnesty International and Film Development Board Nepal etc. He is passionate of Permaculture, Healthy Cooking, Hiking, Non-Violence and Meditation.