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Join us in making history in the Himalayas as a sponsor of The Himalayan Vegan Festival! We love our sponsors and look very much forward to partnering with you! Sponsors get recognition before, during, and after the festival in our programs that will be given to each attendee at the festival; prominent recognition on the website; shout outs and promotions on all of our social media channels; direct advertising at the festival; company and/or product tables at the festival; with items or advertisement coupons in our swag bags; and in the local and regional media and press who will all be attending the festival.

Sponsors also get the opportunity to showcase their products, services, and causes to families, college students, and young adults as a concerned and progressive company and organization that is thoughtful of helping people, animals, and the planet. It’s a great way to get your message out to an interested, receptive, and engaging audience.

The Himalayan Vegan Festival will be hosting over 75 exhibitors and 100+ international and local delegates and speakers and welcoming thousands of attendees to discover, celebrate and support a compassionate, plant-based lifestyle in the heart of the Himalaya!

This landmark festival in the heart of the Himalayas seeks to inspire people to reduce animal suffering by choosing more plant-based foods. The Himalayan Vegan Festival is a family-friendly, educational, 6- day event celebrating the health, environmental, and animal welfare benefits of a plant-based lifestyle.

It will be the largest vegan event ever in the Himalayas and the biggest plant-based festival in Nepal’s history. The Himalayan Vegan Festival will feature internationally recognized speakers and vegan celebrities; informative exhibitors; entertaining local musical and dance performances; a fantastic vegan food court and vegan food festival; vegan food and product bazaar; local and international vegan chefs; cooking demos; movie screenings; interactive workshops and classes; and a kid’s activities corner. It will also involve a 5k mini-marathon hosted by two of the world’s leading vegan athletes; vegan health, fitness, and fashion features; a hands-on youth education area including youth-oriented yoga and fitness activities; cooking demonstrations; a gardening seminar; and animal education provided by local area organizations and non-profits; and much more…

This non-profit event will be open free to the general public and will focus on raising awareness about veganism and fostering the growth of a vegan lifestyle through a range of activities. The Himalayan Vegan Festival will include informative talks and lectures; in-depth workshops and demos with speakers coming from all over the region, Asia, and around the world to give talks, share ideas, and Q&A sessions. It will also seek to inspire local activists and grassroots vegan movements; provide networking opportunities; raise awareness on the benefits of a plant-based diet to omnivores; and much more. It will also provide excellent opportunities for brands to showcase their plant-based vegan products and services.

We are working hard to make this historic event as successful and affordable as possible for everyone who wants to get involved. We also understand that some companies and organizations may not have enough time to attend both events in Kathmandu, Nepal, and Pokhara, Nepal. So, we have created a variety of event sponsorship packages to accommodate whatever schedule and budget you and your organization may have below.

We would be thrilled to have you on board as a sponsor for this landmark event. We look forward to your company joining us in making history in the Himalayas at The Himalayan Vegan Festival!

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