Short Film Competition Announcement




Thank You Very much all the filmmakers for sending your films to The Himalayan Vegan Festival 2022 Short films Competition.

The Himalayan Vegan Festival 2022 Short Film Competition short listed films are as follows.

Sandesh Shakya’s –Dhartimata 13:15
Nikil Bogati’s –Footprint 8:13
Simant Thapa’s –If Nature could talk 11:50
Til Bahadur Thapa’s – Kuwara 5:18
Anupa Shrestha’s – Life of a Vegan 14:39
Prakash Darlami’s – Momo 14:37
Ajay Adhikari’s – Say No to Plastics 2:19
Suman Thapa’s – The Impact 14:24
Dharmadeep Randeep’s – The Paper 2:44
Salini Batra and Gaurav Shahni’s – Vegan Family 10:31


The winners will be announced on 20th of September in Hotel Grande Pokhara.

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